Scarborough Group is a socially-conscious organisation committed to supporting causes that help improve lives and championing initiatives that promote healthy and sustainable communities.

Through its charitable arm, the Scarborough Group Foundation, it has donated over £2m towards a great number of worthy causes, with a targeted focus on providing funding for cancer and medical research, as well as health and wellbeing initiatives.

A beneficiary of the Group’s support in recent years is Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club, where it has made significant strides in diversifying sporting opportunities across the region.

A new home for racket sports

Following the closure of Filey Road Sports Centre, formerly home to racket sports in Scarborough, in 2017 the town faced a decline in available facilities.

Recognising this, Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club engaged with Scarborough Group for its support in delivering a new state-of-the-art squash and rackets facility as part of the Barons Fitness Centre at Silver Royd.

With the benefit of sizable donations from The Scarborough Foundation and Broadland Properties and having secured additional funding from several local businesses, Scarborough Group then utilised its Development Management expertise to oversee and orchestrate the delivery of the Squash and Racquets Academy.

Plans for a new facility comprising of four glass-backed courts and seating areas for spectators, alongside an onsite café were submitted in September 2017 and the completed Squash and Rackets Academy and Hartley’s Cafe-Bar was opened in late 2018 by former squash world champion, Nick Matthew.

Expanding horizons

Keen to build on the success of the Squash and Racquets Academy, Scarborough Group proposed the introduction of a community padel tennis facility at Silver Royd to Scarborough Rugby Club, having witnessed its inclusive nature and growing popularity.

Recognised as the fastest-growing sport in Europe with over 20 million global players, padel tennis blends elements of tennis and squash. Played in doubles on enclosed courts, the game’s distinctive attributes include playing off walls, resembling the pace of squash while retaining tennis scoring mechanisms.

In conjunction with Broadland Properties, Scarborough Group along with some other local sponsors, secured a second round of funding, paving the way for the introduction of two padel courts which opened in February 2023 to an outpouring of excitement and anticipation from both local residents and sports enthusiasts across the region.

Regional impact

The introduction of these two state-of-the-art racket sports facilities marked a significant leap forward in Scarborough’s sporting landscape, offering a dynamic and inclusive facility that immediately captured the community’s attention.

Despite its relatively recent establishment, the Scarborough Squash and Rackets Academy has rapidly garnered attention and achieved notable success, nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds and emphasising its role as a venue for fostering global connections and advancing racket sports excellence on a global scale.

The padel tennis facility, which is believed to be the East Coast’s first dedicated community padel provision, has elicited widespread relief within the region’s sports community. Prior to its introduction, enthusiasts had to travel considerable distances to engage in padel tennis, with the nearest community courts located in Middlesbrough or Harrogate.