Novell Coffee

Scarnov UK Ltd trading as Cafes Novell UK is a joint venture with Scarborough Group International and Cafes Novell of Barcelona, Spain. Cafes Novell has been established in Spain since 1958 and the UK venture was formed in early 2015.

Cafes Novell UK sells gourmet coffee products and auxiliary products across the HORECA sector and to the consumer market via their e-shop.

Who We Are

We’ve been producing delicious gourmet coffee since 1958 and are committed to the sustainability of our products and processes.

Our mission is to seduce peoples’ senses with the perfect cup of coffee, resulting from years of expertise and a sense of contribution to the culture of coffee.

This goal can only be achieved by leading the high-end sector of the food service industry and by investing both in training and in the integral development of a working system that results in the best product and the best service.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to responsibility is centred on sustainability from origin to end customer. We want to grow our company supporting those people involved in the process along the way, especially those belonging to local communities in the countries of origin. For us, our compostable capsules are the best example of this responsibility of which we are so proud.

Our ‘No Waste’ range gives coffee lovers a product that cares about the environment as well as the people who grow it. It’s responsibly sourced, totally organic, tastes great and generates less waste than conventional bags and capsules.